Fine art and music

Welcome, and thanks for visiting.  If you’re a return visitor, you’ll notice that I have a new site and new content.  I’ve divided the site into two main rooms, “Artwork” and “MUSIC.” The new “MUSIC” section was added because I am now splitting my time equally between painting and my songwriting, recording and performing activities.  Hopefully, more search engines will now better connect my various activities, despite the use of my middle initial when painting. 

I’m struck by the similarities of songwriting and abstract painting.  Both require technical skills, but the actual creative moment most importantly relies on complete trust in the process. I try to get out of the way of both my paintings and my music, and let them be what they want to be.

(Detail) Untitled (CP 1-17) | Acrylic on Canvas [ 40” x 40” ]  January 2017

(Detail) Untitled (CP 1-17) | Acrylic on Canvas [ 40” x 40” ] 
January 2017

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